Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Adventures With Google Images

Sometimes when you search Google Images, you find the darnest things. Blogger sucks because it makes uploading actual images pain in the ass. But go ahead and follow my trail with Google Images and you'll see what I am talking about.

For example, try searching Google Images for “Google”. One of the first images you see is this

Wow, that kind of made me horny, so I started searching Google Images for a “girlfriend”

Wholly crap, she is totally butt ugly. To date a woman like that, you’ll need to drink a bottle Jack Daniels first. Let’s see that Google Images has for “Jack Daniels” anyhow.

OK, I guess that Google has “don’t ask, don’t tell policy”. Buy at least they hire really smart people, right? Let’s see what I get when I enter “genius”

Now, if they have some fat kid picture for a genius, let’s see what kind of picture they show, if I enter “fat kid”

Bastards, it’s the same picture. Sergey Brin really should talk with Google engineers. I wonder what picture they’ll show to me, when I enter “Sergey Brin”

You know what? Google is totally fucked. Ok, let’s search that phrase in Google Images.

Wow. These chicks are hot.


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