Friday, January 12, 2007

Wedding Guests Choose The Football Game Over The Ceremony

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Tara Chauffe understands she'll have some competition on her wedding day. She's getting married in New Orleans Saturday evening, the same time the Saints will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Superdome. Chauffe says she's already had a dozen guests who've canceled because of the playoff game.

She knows they have tickets and she's trying to be sympathetic.

But two bridesmaids and a groomsman who have seats for the game are giving them up to attend the wedding.

Chauffe and husband-to-be Corey Boland say they'll probably have a TV at the reception, so guests can track the Saint's fortunes.

But they'll turn the sound down so there won't be any cheering interrupting their first dance.

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