Friday, February 09, 2007

Man convicted for conducting fake interviews

A 36-year-old Omaha man accused of luring women to his home and taking urine samples when they thought they were applying for a job was found guilty Thursday of two counts of criminal impersonation.

Victims told police Kevin Oliver said he worked for cell phone company T-Mobile and was interviewing them for jobs. Prosecutors said there never were any jobs.

"To this day, we don't know what his ultimate goal was but whatever it was it was deceptive, it was damaging and it was protracted," said Omaha city prosecutor Marty Conboy. "This went on for 18 months that we know of."

After three searches of Oliver's home, authorities came up with no other signs of criminal activity. With credit for time already served, Oliver will spend eight days in jail and 18 months on probation.


Information from: WOWT-TV,

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