Sunday, July 06, 2008

Have You Heard Of Peegly.Com?

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No doubt you've heard about file sharing. How about feeling sharing? That's exactly what Peegly.Com founders strived to do. Since you can share just about anything online now, from expenses to music files, why not human emotions?

Here is how site founders describe the service:

What is Peegly’s Share-your-feelings Service? Peegly is a virtual pillow intended for your inmost thoughts, feelings and emotions. A big, soft and good-natured pillow is always ready to hear you out and help you.

Here you can tell just anything, share any emotions you seethe with or are overwhelmed with. Love and hatred, shame and desire, joy and fear – all these you can surely confide to Peegly.

The main task of the service is to bring down psychological tension and improve people’s mood by creating in them positive attitude and enabling them to express their thoughts and to be heard. All new sentiments appear on the main page of the portal, which gives every visitor a personal ‘podium’ to declare their feelings.

Writing a sentiment is very easy – neither registration nor any personal information is required to do so. If for some reason an author does not want discussion started on their message, they have right to forbid other users to comment on it.

The most thoughtful, original and beautiful sentiments are chosen by users by means of voting. Five best sentiments of the week become a part of Peegly’s weekly email newsletter and are advertised on pages of partnering Internet resources for the entire following week.

Do not hold it within yourself – share your feelings with Peegly!

People come to the site with a wide variety of feelings. Here is one of boredom. Here is one of jealousy. Pride and love are there, too. Some posts are silly and immature. Others are deep and insightful.

Definitely a site to keep an eye on.

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