Saturday, June 23, 2007

Family Not Allowed To Name Child '4real'

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- If your name is 4 real, everybody knows what it means. That's the reason why a New Zealand couple want to name their son "4real," with four being a numeral.

However, New Zealand's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages doesn't want to grant the request, on the grounds that numerals are not allowed.

Pat and Sheena Wheaton said they decided on the name after they glimpsed their son for the first time during an ultrasound examination and were struck by the reality of his impending arrival.

The dad said most people have to look up the meaning of their names in baby books, but "with this name, everyone knows what it means."

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Blogger Bensleystonegate said...

I think it is utterly stupid for parents to call thir poor un4tunate child "4Real"
Hve they considered future ramifications like his first day at school when the teacher doesn't knoe ehere to put his name on the roll? Or his wedding day when the celebrsnt asks "Will you 4Real take "4Tune" to be your lawful wedded wife?".
Maybe they would name their future children "4Got", "4Know" and "4See"!
Here's trusting the parents will also 4see the future and change their minds for the future benefit of their child!

5:06 PM  

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