Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Worlds largest living creature discovered in Ibiza

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Scientists have discovered a monster of the deep off the southern coast of Ibiza. Bathers and boaters shouldn't worry though, as the monster is neither a giant man-eating crocodile nor a boat-eating octopus the size of Leeds. It is in fact a plant, Posidonia Oceanica, which covers the seabed all round the island.

The boffins have found a strand of Posidonia which measures an incredible 8 kilometres and has been growing for at least 100,000 years. This makes it the biggest and oldest living organism in the world today.

As a footnote, the Posidonia grows only in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas and performs several vitally important environmental functions. It consumes CO2 and generates oxygen and it also helps to revitalise and replace the sands on the beaches of the area. Because of the proliferation of this plant around Ibiza and Formentera the islands are noted for their beautiful beaches and the clarity and colour of their waters - the clearest and bluest in the western Med, just ask any scuba diver!

As it's so important it is part of the Patrimonio de Humanidad (World Heritage status) bestowed on Ibiza, and rightly so.