Wednesday, October 05, 2011

BenePark - Cool Startup Ideas

BenePark.Com is a recently launched Finnish domain parking service where 90% of all accepted sites get at least $5 in ad revenue each and every month. This is 5 to 10 times the industry average. Most parking services (like, for example) simply load the page with ads, which immediately leads to Google downgrading domain to a ‘junk’ status. Which, in turn, leads to domain being omitted in the search engine results. And that means that such companies are capable of monetizing type-in traffic only.

BenePark.Com takes a different approach. First, domains have to be approved, prior to being accepted into the system. Then BenePark turns an empty domain into a regular webpage. This is done by placing relevant content onto the page, which is not limited to text only – videos, for example, are added as well. As a result of this ‘transformation’, domains parked with BenePark turn into regular sites. Because content is updated and new links are been placed for the parked domain, search engines start treating them as regular sites. Which means that type-in traffic isn’t the only type of traffic for BenePark domains, as over time domain’s pagerank and search engine traffic increase.

If you have domains you’ve purchased and don’t plan to develop soon, consider parking them with