Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Sites To Consider If You Want To Make Money, But Don’t Want To Work Hard.

5 Sites To Consider If You Want To Make Money, But Don’t Want To Work Hard.


Microworkers, as the name implies, is a crowdsourcing site that specializes in small odd ‘jobs’, if you can call them that. A typical assignment is to follow someone on Twitter, to befriend someone’s Facebook account or to vote for a picture/video. These pay $0.10 to $1.50 per job and obviously won’t make you rich, but why not pay for that mp3 track or Android game by clicking a few buttons while you are logged onto Facebook?


PickyDomains has a better payout potential, provided you are good with words. This is a naming service where people pay $50-$75 for someone to come up with cool domain, name or slogan for them. That someone could easily be you. If your suggestion is chosen, you’ll get roughly half of the fee ($25 to $40) via PayPal. And unlike regular writing jobs were you get paid a fixed amount of money for 1000 characters of text, you can pay for your next streak dinner with just a good name you came up with on a whim.


Craigslist is a great way to make money online. You can both browse for jobs online as well as offer your services. Not too many job sites carry help wanted ads for “experienced bra fitter” or "I'll give you $2 + cost if you'll deliver me some orange juice with receipt." You can also offer your services, the crazier, the better (just don’t charge too much). You can offer to sing a serenade. You can ask 10 bucks for bringing over you vast Xbox game collection, while you go away for a week on that road trip. You can offer to wash someone’s car in your bikini (make sure you bring your boxer boyfriend with you). The list is endless. One limitation – Craiglist works for larges cities only.


If you are a college student or have a degree and have 5 hours to spare, wants you. You’ll be able to make a few hundred dollars each month, provided you are hired (only US and Canada residents with valid Social Security Numbers are eligible). Oh, and the most important part - tutoring is done online, so you don’t have to drive anywhere. Reliable high-speed internet connection and a PC are required. Sorry Mac fans no for you.


SharedReviews is a site where you get paid for reviewing books, movies, games and just about anything. All reviews must be original. There is not fixed amount, but rather you are offered shared revenue policy, meaning ShareReviews will promote you review and collect money from advertisers and then give you your part. There are a number of other sites that offer you the same deal.

Dmitry Davydov is the founder of risk-free naming service He can be reached at supportAT pickydomainsDOTcom