Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Best Of 6/6/06

On June 6, 2006 (666) Antichrist is revealed as the coming Messiah or Christ. This breaks the First Seal of Judgment in Rev:6:2.

Antichrist will seek to explain away The First Rapture as "Alien Abduction". The question remains, "Will Antichrist himself come to earth in a Spaceship?

Antichrist deceives the world with his New Age Version of The Gospel with 1) An Extra- Terrestrial Spin on The Bible, 2) The Concept of Sex and Sacrament as "Atonement with God". Led by The Vatican, all Faiths will accept Antichrist as their promised Savior and within a month He shall unite all religions together as one.

Contrary to popular myth, Antichrist does not come onto the world scene as The "Pope", Politician or A Muslim. This would limit his appeal to one faith or group rather than the majority of humanity.

Antichrist comes as the savior of all faiths & creeds: as Maitreya to the Buddhists, Iman Madhi to The Moslems, Messiah to the Jews, Krishna to the Hindus, Christ to Christians, The Great White Brother to The Hopi Indians, The "Dark Lord" to satanists and witches and The Return of Quezacoatal to ancient Mayan Cosmology

AUG 3 2006: Israel accepts Antichrist as their Messiah. They sign a Peace Treaty with Antichrist and The Moslems and The Great Tribulation (of seven years) official starts, The Last Week of Daniel. The decree goes forth to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.(Dan:9:24-27).,,2087-2158015,00.html

FOR one group of expectant mothers, their due date holds an extra dimension of dread. The prospect of giving birth on June 6, 6/6/06, has prompted talk of spawning devil children on Armageddon day.

One pregnant woman, Francesca Renouf, said she had been so worried that she had booked a doctor’s appointment to ensure that she would avoid giving birth on the sixth.

Others appeared to take the dangers less seriously. One woman, Emma Parker, wrote that she intends to call her baby Damien, after the satanic boy in The Omen. Another, Donna Magnante, said she would name her baby after Regan in The Exorcist.

With June 6, 2006, rapidly approaching, authorities in Colorado and elsewhere are carefully watching to see if that date - 6/6/06 - spurs demonstrations or violent activity.

They are aware that 666 signifies the Mark of the Beast or the Antichrist to some organizations and believe June 6 is a date that could trigger problems.

"It's been a conscious question among some of our folks, so they've been on the lookout for something," said Lance Clem, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety. "But they haven't seen anything."

Even so, some local police are being vigilant.

"The bottom line is that our intelligence unit is familiar with 666 and its significance, but we don't have any information about anything taking place in Colorado Springs," said Lt. Rafael Cintron of the Colorado Springs Police Department. "However, we are certainly keeping our feelers out to see if anything is happening."

Since 1970, there have been 60 terrorist attacks on June 6, with just one in the U.S., according to the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism in Oklahoma City.

American satanic radio station Radio Free Satan, for example, will celebrate the “sin-tennial” with Satan’s Rockin’ 666 Eve party, featuring performances by heavy metal and death metal bands, while the Church of Satan in Los Angeles is hosting a satanic high mass, which has already sold out.

There are also those who are cashing in on the date, with marketers seizing the day to launch movies, books and albums with anti-religious or satanic themes. 20th Century Fox will release its remake of the 1976 horror film The Omen, retitled The Omen 666, on June 6.

Provocative author Ann Coulter will launch her latest anti-liberal book, Godless.

On the same day, heavy metal band Slayer begins its Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted, while a string of heavy metal and death metal artists will release albums on that day, including David Lee Roth’s Strummin’ with the Devil.

There is some complete silliness going around the world about what may happen on June 6, 2006, also known as 06-06-06 and 06/06/06. In case you've been living the far side of Sirius or the Pleades the past two thousand years, the number 666 is associated with the so-called "Beast Of Revelation," a human scary story created long ago to frighten the witless, the superstitious, and the gullible. While we do live in a time of extraordinary change, destabilization, and it is truly "the end of the world as we know it," if there is a Beast, or Devil for that matter, it's the sum total of humanity's lower thought-forms, desires, and fears. Regarding that specific day, astrology gives us a very benign horoscope featuring a grand Air Trine and three points of a Great Quintile, or 5 pointed Star that portends very good things.