Monday, March 02, 2009

The Real Andy Kaufman

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This DVD is good on a base level. On one hand, Kaufman does his usual routines we've seen in numerous videos (mighty mouse, wrestling women, etc.) and on the other hand this DVD features a GREAT interview with the REAL Andy where he's just being himself, not putting on any gimmics or hoaxes. This is the only tape/DVD where you actually get to see a glimpse of the man behind the wild hoaxes. The only problem is Seth Schutlz (Andy's friend and creator of this DVD) constantly buzzing in, sometimes right in the middle of an Andy routine which makes it frustrating. And during the wonderful interview. If you're gonna feature something new and original, don't spoil it!

This is good for any Kaufman fan for the interview alone, but other then that, the routines we've seen over and over make this tape nothing special.

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