Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Startup Naming Tips

So your startup needs a name. Welcome to, a crowdsourcing naming platform that has named over 1500 startups, services, blogs, online shops and news sites. Here are just a few examples of our work -DePrice.Com (discounted software retailer), (software review site), (odd news), (bates numbering software for lawyers), (innovative domain parking system with above market payouts) and many, many others.

We understand that most startups don’t have any cash to burn, so our services cost only 50 US Dollars. Moreover, our service is risk-free, which means that if you decide that you don’t like any names (domains) we suggest for your startup, you get your $50 deposit back. You pay us only if you like our work.

We are very different from naming agencies and brand consultants. This is how the process work. First, you register as client. Then, you create your order and specify what you want - how long your domain should be, which extensions are desirable, does it have to have certain keywords or not, etc. The order goes active as soon as you make the deposit (we accept credit cards, paypal, bank transfers, invoices, and all other conventional payment methods). Within minutes (yes, minutes) you start receving suggestions from our contributors (we’ve got over fourty thousand registered copywriters and several hundred are active at any given time). You mark incoming suggestions as liked or disliked to steer our contributors in the right direction. When you see a domain that’s perfect for your startup, you register it first and then mark it as picked. Contributor who made that suggestion will get half of your deposit. Once again, if you aren’t happy with our work - the money is returned, no questions asked. You aren’t risking anything when hiring us.

We also do names and slogans, and our projects aren’t limited to startup names. We’ve been hired to name software, restaurants, product lines, adult websites, strip clubs, even dogs. So if your project needs a name, we’ll happily assist you.

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