Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Little Known Online Services That Can Help Your Business Save Money.

Everybody likes things that save them money or are, better yet, 100% free. Here is a list of seven online services that help entrepreneurs and small businesses save money that you've most likely never heard about.

1. Bitrix24.Com
Corporate intranets can set companies back tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, businesses consisting of less than 12 employees have the option to receive intranet from Bitrix24.com at absolutely no cost. It provides fully functional CRM, planner, project and task manager, as well as many other convenient elements at no charge. All these features are also available for lager businesses of over 12 employees at an affordable $99 per month.

2. Logaster.Com
All businesses require a logo. Sadly, a single logo put together by a professional designer can cost hundreds of dollars. Crowdsourcing will still cost a business a hundred dollars or more for a professional logo. In contrast, Logaster is a free of charge logo creator with extra features available such as business cards and fax cover sheets for a monthly subscription of only $5.

3. PickyDomains.com
Searching for fresh, new ideas for domain names but all the attractive ones are already being used? Some people choose to expend thousands of dollars to use branding agencies like cyberquarters. PickDomains.com offers risk free naming so itїs not necessary for you to dish out large sums of money anymore. Just filling out what you need (domain name, or slogan) sends your request to our more than 55,000 registered contributers who will approach you with hundreds of proposals. It is only $50 to accept one of their offers. If you decide against them there is no charge to you.

4. JetRadar.com
Most people are aware that Expidia, Orbits, and CheapFlights.com offer large savings to their customers on airfare. What most people are unaware of is that JetRadar.com offers airline tickets at even lower prices. Being a meerasearchengine, JetRadar processes your requests through every major travel agency, flight site and 728 different airlines. Airlines are known for making special deals available only through their corporate website in attempts to attract their customers away from other ticket providers. JetProvider scans for special sales by airlines and makes them accessible to anyone.

5. RetailMeNot.com
For those who enjoy shopping online and want to save on their purchases, coupons are the can help you achieve tremendous savings. As a social network specializing in coupon sharing, RetailMeNot allows its users to receive large discounts even when shopping on famous online stores. Users can also find out what current online trends are by searching for top rated coupons. In other words, for those that like keeping up to date with fashion, RetailMeNot informs you as to what trends other people interested in. The RetailMeNot newsletter also sends registered users the most recent updates on coupons.

6. SideJobTrack.com
SideJobTrack is a free invoicing tool designed for part-time contractors which is perfect for those who want to oversee several jobs at once. Particularly with online work, it can be a task to keep track of payments for a multitude of jobs. SideJobTrack makes the job simpler. As a job tracker that is web-based it has elements focused at eliminating problems with project management, invoicing, and reporting.

7. iSpionage.com
Those with online competition may ask themselves; how much money their competitors spend on Google Adwords, which keywords create the most visitors for their website or, how many people visit their website every month. iSpionage.com provides answers to all of these questions and more. iSpionage offers a free account with all services previously stated and 3 searches a day or a paid version.