Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Twelve Books You'll Never See In A Bookstore.

1. How to Pleasure a Woman – by Mike Tyson

2. Words I’ve Never Mispernounced – by George W. Bush

3. Pacifist’s Guide to World Domination – by Cindy Shehan

4. Things I’ve NEVER Lied About – by Bill Clinton

5. Prudent Shotgun Handling – Dick Cheney

6. Why America Is Just THE BEST – The Dixie Chicks

7. Things I Absolutely Love About President Bush – Michael Moore

8. My Strategy for Finding the Real Killer -- by O.J. Simpson [Forward by Scott Peterson]

9. To All the Men We’ve Loved Before -- by Ellen DeGeneres & Rosie O’Donnell

10. The Book of Baby Names – by George Foreman

11. My Beauty Secrets – by Jane Reno [Forward by Madeleine Albright]

12. Things I Love About Bill – Hillary Clinton [Forward by Ann Coulter]