Saturday, February 03, 2007

Anti-Hooters City Gets Two Of Them

TROY, Mich. -- Not every city can boast of having a Neiman Marcus. Troy can. But the Detroit suburb also has something about which it would prefer not to brag.

Troy is now home to two Hooters restaurants, just two miles apart.

City officials tried to keep that from happening. Troy had one Hooters eatery, and the company planned to close that one and replace it with a new building. But when the city denied a liquor license at the new spot, Hooters went ahead with construction, anyway. That new eatery is open, but you can't buy booze there. Hooters said it won't shut the old one down until it gets a liquor license at the new place.

Officials in Troy said the original location has a lot of problems requiring police, so they won't grant a new liquor license.

There's also the image thing. With its scantily-clad waitresses, Hooters has, in the past, found itself unwelcome in some communities.

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