Tuesday, November 14, 2006

44% Of Men Hope To Score On The First Date

WINNIPEG, Sun Media -- Men are more interested in getting lucky on the first date than women, but most women still think men should pick up the tab.

FastLife and Lavalife recently joined together to ask more than 400 singles -- aged 18 to 55 -- about dating in the 21st century.

They found 44% of men hope to score on the first date while 66% of women think the man should foot the bill.

FastLife is a speed-dating and singles event provider with 75,000 members worldwide, while Lavalife provides international online dating.

Results of their survey show times are not a-changin' as much as expected.

Woman still value a great sense of humour over intelligence, physical attributes, confidence and social skills, the survey found.

However, men are most impressed by intelligence, with attractiveness not far behind.

The two sexes agree financial security is least important in a mate.

When it comes to sex, 44% of men would participate on the first date, while only 23% of woman are interested.

Kissing was given a thumbs up by both sexes for the first date, with only 6% of women and 2% of men saying no.

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