Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lawmaker Tries To Ban Naked Lady Mudflaps

PHOENIX -- It's still going to be legal in Arizona for trucks to have splash guards with racist terms and silhouettes of naked women.

The state House on Thursday rejected a Democratic amendment that would have banned splash guards with images that are "obscene or hateful."

Tempe Democrat Ed Ableser sponsored the amendment. He said he'd seen a splash guard that used a derogatory term for black children and said he wanted to make sure that people with hateful motives didn't inflict them on others.

Democratic Rep. Theresa Ulmer of Yuma supported the amendment and said it fit with lawmakers' other efforts to crack down on pornography and sexual predators.

"I personally am tired of explaining to my 11-year-old son why they (women) are depicted on mudflaps , but not all women are 36Ds. He's very confused by that," Ulmer said. "But seriously, this is about family values -- what are we going to send out as a message to our children."

Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Gilbert opposed the amendment. He said it probably violated First Amendment protections for free speech and that "hateful" isn't defined by law.

Ableser's amendment, rejected on a 31-19 roll call vote, would have been added to a bill (HB2316) sought by the Arizona Trucking Association to change Arizona's height requirement for rear fender splash guards. The bill was given preliminary approval and now awaits a formal House vote.

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Will Donald Trump Shave His Head On April 1?

DETROIT -- Donald Trump is putting his hair where his mouth is.

His famous coif will be on the line at Wrestlemania 23 at Ford Field on April 1 in Detroit.

Trump is scheduled to take on World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon in a match dubbed the "Battle of the Billionaires."

The two men will pick a wrestler to represent them in the ring. If their pick is beaten, the loser will get his head shaved after the match.

WWE spokesman Gary Davis said the date of the event had prompted speculation that it was a hoax. But it's not an April Fool's Day joke, he said.

"If Trump loses, he shaves his head," he said.

The match was announced over the weekend.

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