Saturday, June 09, 2012

Bootstrap This - 29+ Bootstrapping Sites You Should Know About

1. - Free CRM, planner, project manager, document sharing (limited to 12 employees)

2. - Pay per result naming service, $50 for domain/name/product line, slogan.

3. Reddit/Freebies - Community moderated daily updated freebies list.

4. - Groupon clone for buying enterprise software.

5. - Low airfare meta searchengine (searches through 700+ airlines to find best deals normally available through direct purchase on airline sites only).

6. - Free invoicing.

7. MoneyBookers.Com (Skrill) - PayPal alternative, cheap way to accept online payments/credit cards (25 cents + 3%, please refer to site for exact details)

8. - Office sharing. You can both buy and sell extra office space, including by the hour.

9. - Free press-release distribution.

10. - Own slaves legally.

11. RetailMeNot.Com - Discount coupons, business section available.

12. OpenOffice.Org - Free MS Office alternative.

13. - Free online accounting SaaS

14. - Free helpdesk software. is worth paying for.

15. - Yes, I do want to let complete stranges sleep in my house for free (so I can do the same when I travel).

16. SubmitYourStartup.Com - Partly outdated list of sites that accept startup submissions.

17. Vator.Tv - Social network for startups

18. - Loan/Insurance/Internet Provider/Phone Carries comparison service.

19. Score.Org - Free consulting from retired entrepreneurs (available in certain areas only).

20. - Free logos. Bad English gratis.

21. - Cheaper alternative for design work. Designers hate the site, so it must be good.

22. - Hire doctor/lawyer/coffee enema expert - pay by the minute. Lots of experts, typical pay is around $2.50 a minute. Not sure, but there's probably some sort of minimum required.

23. HelpAReporter.Com - Free publicity (pitch your business directly to journos working on certain stories).

24. AVG - Free antivirus.

25. Weebly.Com - Free website creator.

26. - Send free fax online. Limited to 3 pages, US and Canada only.

27. - Free To-Do list, iPhone and Android support.

28. - Free online file converter. Let's pass a law that mandates that only one extension (how does .file sound) is allowed!

29. Join.Me - Free webcast/webconference SaaS.

P.S. I have not included eBay, Skype, etc. since everybody knows about those. Did I miss something? Send me a message.