Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mexican businessmen break kebab record

A group of businessmen in the northern Mexican City of Chihuahua broke a tasty record Friday, making a hunk of meat on a skewer big enough to serve 24,000 tacos.

In the Friday event dubbed as the "Tacoton," the meat for a pastor taco, a variety of the Mexican dish that consists of pork squashed onto a stake, weighed 3.9 tons and was 13 feet high, Mexican government news agency Notimex reported.

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the hunk of meat as the world's "largest skewer of kebab meat," Notimex reported.

Portions of the vast snack were sold with a drink for $1 a piece to hungry spectators. Chihuahua businessmen financed the mega taco and gave proceeds from sales to a home for abandoned children, Notimex said.

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Teen Suffers Three Weeks Of Hiccups

The 15-year-old Floridian can't stop hiccuping.

For more than three weeks, Jennifer has hiccuped close to 50 times a minute when she's awake. And she's got the doctors stumped.

Blood tests, a CAT scan and an MRI haven't helped. Neither has holding her breath, breathing into a paper bag or drinking out of the wrong side of a glass.

And, yes, people have tried to scare the heck out of her.

Jennifer's mom, Rachel Robidoux, recently turned to the St. Petersburg Times for help. She's hoping a member of the public might have a solution to her daughter's case of the chronic hiccups.

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