Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Peep shows are ruled to be theatre

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - An Amsterdam judge has ruled that peep shows - where sex workers performing strip shows and explicit acts can be watched from booths - are a form of theatre and club owners are entitled to a hefty tax break.

"Admitting customers to peep shows is equivalent to admitting them to a theatre performance," an Amsterdam Appeals Court judge wrote in a ruling late last month and publicized Tuesday. "The erotic character of the performance does not diminish that."

The national daily De Telegraaf reported that the owner of the peep show, who was not identified, will receive thousands of dollars back from the tax service as a result of the ruling.

"Working in a peep show is very labour intensive, so it's great if you have to pay less tax," Andre van Dorst of an association of Dutch sex club owners told De Telegraaf.

"A judge has ruled for the first time that peep shows are also art forms," he added. "Great. It's the end of years of discussion."

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