Saturday, February 10, 2007

Urologists Want To Have Fun Too

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - The opening-night party for "Urinetown- The Musical" will take on a urological cast in Omaha. Decorative yellow and white flowers will be arrayed in bedpans. Dessert- something yellow- will be served in specimen cups.

It's what you might expect from the show's sponsor, The Urology Center of Omaha.

The 2002 Tony-award winning Broadway musical opens Friday night at the Omaha Community Playhouse. Among the show's song titles: "It's a Privilege to Pee."

The show is about how a terrible drought makes private toilets unthinkable, so such private activities must be done - for a price - in public amenities controlled by a private corporation, Urine Good Co.

The theater approached the doctors about sponsoring the local amateur production.

Said Dr. Mike Kroeger of the Urology Center: "We thought it would be fun for our staff and would let people know we have a sense of humor."


Information from: Omaha World-Herald,

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