Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Startups To Watch - JetRadar

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The world is changing. There's no denying that. In the field of air travel, probably the most notable innovation is the emergence of low-cost airlines and online ticket sales. Both have cheapened the cost of plane tickets quite dramatically, and airlines unable to keep up were forced to close up shop.

JetRadar is a startup that aspires to continue this innovation and push it even further, making cheap airfare even cheaper. By now, you may have already heard about Expedia, Orbitz, CheapFlights and other online ticket sellers that offer cheap airline tickets. But what you perhaps don't know is that individual airlines don't necessarily go about pitching their best deals to price-comparison websites and stand the chance of losing potential sales to competing carriers. Essentially, if customers want the best possible deals, they should visit their corporate websites.

This can be time-consuming and particul arly labor-intensive for the consumer. JetRadar, in an effort to provide a one-stop portal for everything cheap, cheaper and cheapest in the airfare space, sifts through exclusive deals available via 35 agencies and 728 airlines and make the data available for public consumption.

The founders of JetRadar have beta tested the idea in smaller geographies such as Russia, and in no time emerged a clear leader in the cheap airfare arena. (JetRadar operates as AviaSales.Ru in Russia.) Because of this phenomenal success, the company will be branching out in Thailand and Hong Kong this year, while at the same time launching a global portal that will be competing directly with more established cheap airfare providers.

If JetRadar proves successful, cheap airline tickets will definitely become a lot cheaper.

[Via - PickyDomains.com]